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Satisfaction Guaranteed!*

Our success is your satisfaction with the results of our interaction. If you are not happy with the images our collaboration creates our work is not done.

Our guaranty is simply this:

If you are not happy with the images from our collaboration, we will book another session at no charge to you and re-shoot the images. This means you will receive an additional session (the exact same as you booked), including all the same services with no fees or charges from KA Mimms Photographix. Any images selected and delivered from the first session are yours to keep, also at no charge.

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Our standard Terms of Sale apply to this warranty and all transactions with KA Mimms Photographix. You may view a copy of our Terms of Sale by clicking this link and said terms are included with your Photography Services Agreement.

*Note: Because sometimes folks simply don’t work well together, KA Mimms Photographix reserves the exclusive right to exercise our Satisfaction Guaranty with a full refund of fees and charges in lieu of booking another session for all clients. In the event of a full refund, we will void any and all print, usage and other licenses. There will be no compensation for time as both parties will have expended time without accompanying recompense. Refunds will be issued via method chosen by KA Mimms Photographix and disbursed at our earliest convenience.

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