Nobody wants unexpected sales contacts.  Accordingly, we don't share your contact information with others unless it is necessary for us to contact you.


Our General Policy is that we do not share your information with others without a business need.  While this sounds broad, please keep in mind that when you make a payment, send a contact form, sign in to view your proofs, send us a message, and many other things people do every day, you involve your privacy rights.  We use the information you provide to serve you and, at times, we must give third parties certain information to allow you to view your order, ship your order directly to you, complete payments and other business specific needs.

However, we will not sell your information or give any contact to other parties without a business need and/or without your knowledge (except by legal order).  As with other policy information, this policy may change and we will post any changes to our web site.


Please note: Throughout our site there are opportunities to Contact Us.  When you use one of these links you  authorize us to contact you and provide additional information.


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