You've found it, the place where we keep our people pics!  Here you'll find more information about our services and images we've captured of you.

Business Portraits

Click here for information and ordering for our  Business Portrait Event!  Let us help you build your visble presence in fine style with with a portrait for your web and social media sites.



Family Portraits

Sometimes folks just toddle along and others folks run and jump and swing and play and hope and pray, and sometimes folks just be.  Family is everyone's  foundation.  KA Mimms Photographix wants to help you mark the milestones in your family journey.  Find more information about Family imagery here.




Children's Portraits

Kids grow up fast.  Just yesterday they were crawling (well scooting actually) across the floor faster than you could catch them if you turned your head.  Next thing you know it's bike riding, athletics and more.  We'll help you capture those memorable times to look back on with Children's portraits.  Who knows, we just might capture your child sitting still...




High School Seniors



Business & Occupational Portraits





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