You need a photographer and you're asking the same question everyone asks before they buy anything: "How much does this cost?"  Even though the answer  really is: "It depends," that ain't a good answer.  There are several other questions to help determine the true cost of your photography needs. 


We want to help you answer those questions.  Our consultation service is free of charge and gives you the opportunity to think about and plan your session.  We have found that this allows our clients the best photo sessions and images.


OK, What's in a Consultation?


During a consultation/planning session we review what you want  from the photo shoot and the "look" you want to convey.  We cover the length and location of the shoot the elements you consider important and where you will display your prints.


This one hour planning helps ensure your photo session is what you want, a series of pictures of you being  you captured in  fun  and frivolity, drama and mood, and every other emotion we capture during the shoot.

Step two is the actual shooting session.  This is where you become the art.  We set up the shoot and capture images of you  being you.  For the duration of the shoot we have everything on hand to ensure you are comfortable, because  if you aren't it shows.


Third is your image review and selection process.  Here we sit together reviewing  the finished digital images and  you choose those that will adorn your walls.  You can also select any custom frames and matting to match your room decor.


Delivery is the final step.  We deliver and hang your finished images in the locations  you specify.


We look forward to working with you for either a custom or package shoot.  Please contact us to schedule your no cost  pre-shoot consultation.


Thank  you for considering  KA Mimms Photographix.







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