Are you a High school Senior in the Kansas City Metro Area?  If so the info below is just for you!


Fall 2014 Deadline: August 31, 2014


What is a Senior Ambassador?

Senior Ambassadors are Kansas City Metro Area High School Students who represent KA Mimms Photographix by showcasing images captured during individual and group Senior Mini photo sessions sponsored by KA Mimms Photographix at various locations around the Kansas City Metro.  KA Mimms Photographix may sponsor other events during the Ambassador’s term.  Attendance at these one of these additional events is required.  Ambassadors agree that they will not represent another studio, photographer or photographic business in the area for the duration of their Ambassador term with KA Mimms Photographix.  The duration is one Fall or Spring semester of the Ambassador’s school.


What does an Ambassador receive?

Participating Ambassadors receive, no charge mini sessions (2), free digital images (10), and reduced pricing on KA Mimms Photographix print products.  Additionally, Ambassadors have the opportunity to receive “Achievement Awards” earned at the following qualified referral+ achievements:



All Awards are subject to the following rules:

1 - First Referral Awards are issued only once to all Ambassadors on their first qualified+ referral.

2 - Awards are not cumulative. Earned referrals restart at one on receipt of an award for all levels above the 1st Referral level.

3 - Ambassadors may choose Gift Cards at each listed level in lieu of any product.

* - No Substitutions.  Selected Awards are Final.  Lost or stolen awards cannot be replaced.

+ - A Qualified Referral is a Secured Senior Mini or higher photo session completed by November 30, 2014 (Excluding Holidays).


Print Products:  Senior Ambassadors may purchase prints, print packages, and digital images with a Pricing Discount of 50% off the prices posted effective August 10, 2014.  All Ambassadors receive that Price List when they sign the Ambassador Agreement.  In the event a product is not listed on the Price List, (i.e. larger format or specialty prints) a discount of 50% applies to the cost estimate.


Awards distribution occurs within two weeks after KA Mimms Photographix receives the Award Selection document signed by both the Ambassador and a parent or guardian.  KA Mimms Photographix may deliver Awards via common carrier or the US Postal Service and a delivery signature is required.


What if an Ambassador does not participate in the events?

Events, such as the individual Senior Mini Session and Group Senior Mini Session, are the Ambassador’s opportunity to have photos captured for their selection while having fun.  Non-Participation actually means no photos.  If all three (3) required events are not completed, the Ambassador will forfeit all unshipped and future Awards, Sessions and Pricing Discounts.

How do Ambassadors refer people to KA Mimms Photographix?

Simple, by posting your images on your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, and talking to your friends about your experience and pictures.  KA Mimms Photographix will provide you with personalized referral cards to give to those you refer to us for their images.  Your referrals must present this card, personalized with your unique referral information, when booking their session.  We will notify you when someone books a session with your referral and when the session is complete.  KA Mimms Photographix will maintain a weekly chart of Award Levels on its web site for Ambassadors to review.


A Word About Safety.

KA Mimms Photographix Number One Concern is personal safety.  We will not post any awards by name. We will not share your address or contact information with anyone, unless required for activity participation, without your knowledge and consent.  We will not take anyone to an unsafe area or allow/photograph an Ambassador disrespectfully or in an unsafe area/pose/manner.  If an Ambassador exhibits activity KA Mimms Photographix considers disrespectful or unsafe we will ask that the activity cease.  Unsafe/disrespectful activity with regard to the Ambassador or others is grounds for immediate exclusion from the activity, termination from the program, and forfeiture of Awards and discounts.


Transportation to and from events

KA Mimms Photographix is responsible for our own transportation to and from events.  We are not responsible for Ambassador transportation.  We’d sure like to be but that would take a bus, and we just don’t have one of those.  Accordingly, please arrange for your transportation far enough in advance to ensure your participation.  If you are going to be late or can't make it please let us know as soon as possible.  No shows carry a bad penalty.


KA Mimms Photographix welcomes Ambassadors to have fun while receiving great senior photos.  All Ambassadors will receive two (2) Senior Mini Sessions, ten (10) medium resolution digital images, and two (2) 8x10 prints for participating in the Ambassador program.  Ambassadors are also eligible for a Pricing Discount of 50% (Fifty Percent) off the Price List effective August 10, 2014, and a 20% (Twenty Percent) Family Discount* for the duration of the term.


*Family Discount typically applies to Immediate Family and the same household.





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