Dad, the original KA Mimms, is the instigator of my photographic life (some would call it inspiration, but I’m sure he would understand my choice of words).  When I was a wee lad he got a camera and began shooting the people and places of our adopted home, Japan.


His images of the Hokaido Ice Festival made my eyes bulge at the seams and I begged to go every year.  As I looked at the images--each one taking me to that place--I always wondered "how'd they do that and get it to keep from

melting" (it had to be VERY COLD).

Capturing images (pictures), and the emotions of the people and places in any image, is art, and those pictures are magical.  They stop time and carry it forward, capture and evoke emotion.  All the while taking viewers places they have never been though still remaining in their comfort zone.  Pictures tell stories often impossible to tell in other ways, and sometimes a single image or collection will tell different stories, even while remaining the same.

Here’s why images are magical: Dad captured an image that means quite a bit to me.  I think it’s the only family photo remaining (or even perhaps made) in our adopted home.  It includes our two new family members, Tony my new brother, and Shiska our new dog.  There we are the six of us on the couch dressed to the nines for the occasion.  Just thinking of this image brings a flood of stories about events in our family’s life.



Working with each of our clients before and after the shoot ensures we capture and display your unique personality and other photo "essentials" with each image.  We begin by visualizing each setting ensuring the light we paint on our client shows their character and strength.  We capture our fine art works in the same way looking for how the light falls throughout the scene bringing out the nuances.


To this end communication is key.  Accordingly, we begin planning your shoot as soon as the session is scheduled and secured.  Please contact us for more information about our services and your photo event using the contact information below or our handy Contact Form.


Best regards and thank you for considering KA Mimms Photographix.






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